What will you do with doorways where the new hardwood floor meets our existing ceramic tile?

Carter: We have many transition pieces available to us to join different types of flooring. Some of these items we purchase off the shelf, and for unusual circumstances we make custom moldings to make a beautiful connection between the two.

How do I care for my new hardwood floors?

Carter: With today’s coating and finishes, hardwood floors are very easy to maintain. Upon completion of your new floor we will give you a complimentary bottle of our excellent floor cleaner along with instructions on how to keep your floors looking their best. In my many years in business, not one customer has ever been disappointed with how easy it is to keep their new floors.

How long can I expect my floors to last?

Carter: Today’s floors have finishes with excellent durability. Under normal residential traffic, you can expect your floor to last many years. Whether you have purchased a new hardwood floor or if we have restored your existing floor, we will work with you to ensure decades of use from your new floors.