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If you have wood floors, a hardwood refinishing service will be needed

Hardwood flooring is an exceptional choice for many homeowners, complete with stunning visuals, outstanding durability, and a lifespan that can surpass 100 years when properly cared for and maintained. If you already have wood flooring, you know that hardwood refinishing services are necessary from time to time. If you need more information about that process, you’ll find it here as we discuss it a bit more.

Hardwood flooring and you

The greatest thing about hardwood, for many homeowners, is the extensive lifespan the material offers. It will easily be the last flooring you install, but there are some specific reasons for this. Refinishing the wood is one reason they last so long and should be taken advantage of when necessary.

With a proper species selection, sealant, and finish type, your floors should stand up easily to wear and tear for at least a few decades. However, they will eventually succumb to wear and begin to show signs such as scratches, scuffs, and water spots, as well as fading and general signs of wear.
The refinishing process starts by stripping all that away to leave a brand new layer of wood. Working with this layer, a new sealant, stain color, and finish type are added to bring new life to your flooring. Once complete, you can expect a few more decades of significant wear and use before the process needs to be repeated.
Engineered flooring can also be refinished when necessary. However, the number of times this can be carried out depends on the thickness of the actual wood layer on top. While most of these materials can be refinished at least once, some can be refinished several times, with a thick veneer layer.

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At Carter Adams Flooring, we’re proud to offer materials and services that meet your every need. Refinishing is a vital process for homeowners with hardwood floors, but we know it can feel like a daunting task. The good news is, we’ll walk you through the entire process for successful results no matter how large or small your project.

We serve the areas of Texarkana, TX, Texarkana, AR, Wake Village, TX, Bowie, TX, New Boston, TX, Hope, AR, Fouke, AR, and Genoa, AR, all from our Texarkana, TX showroom locations. If you’re in the area and need more assistance with this flooring project, feel free to visit us and speak with a flooring specialist at your convenience. We are standing by to make sure your wood floors get the attention they need and deserve.