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Why Wood Floors?

Wood floors are the most beautiful part of a truly great home. Nothing adds warmth, beauty and value to your home like wood floors. They are durable, clean, and they come from trees, America’s most plentiful renewable resource. Not only is their beauty classic and timeless, so is their value. In a recent national survey of real estate agents, 90% said houses with wood flooring sell faster and at a higher price than houses without wood floors. That makes installing wood floors a smart decision all the way around: They are beautiful, durable, timeless, green and they make sense from a financial point of view!

Easy to Keep

The technology that goes into today’s wood floors is truly amazing. Whether you are installing a new floor or you want us to re-finish and restore your existing floor, we will make them better than they have ever been in history. Our coatings and finishes make wood floors a breeze to keep: just sweep or vacuum, then run a cloth around with our great floor cleaner on it. That’s about it! Of all our years of being in the wood floor business not one customer has ever said our floors were anything but a dream to keep!


Did we mention that our wood floors come in a huge variety of species, colors, thicknesses and surface designs? Whether you are building your dream house or you are writing a new chapter about one of our great historical homes, we can provide you with something beautiful and unique. Let us work with you today.